If there is a drainage problem you are unable to clear yourself, call us to schedule an appointment. We’ll have someone come out to assess the problem and in most cases, get things flowing while on location. We are Edmonton & Kelowna drain cleaning specialists, with decades of residential and commercial drain service under our belts.

A slow or clogged drain is always either a ongoing inconvenience or the potential source of a flood. All it takes is one call to M.A.C Plumbing & Heating to restore the rapid flow of sewage and wastewater away from your home or office. When your drains are clogged, you need help from a trusted professional plumber. M.A.C. Plumbing are experienced in definitively diagnosing and resolving any drain problem, including:

  • Drain and sewer line back-up or blockage
  • Broken concrete or clay sewer lines
  • Broken or burst pipes
  • Root intrusion damage
  • Offset pipes

    We have several services to inspect, open and clean your drain and sewer pipes, returning them as closely as possible to their original capacity. We can open any clogged drain.

    We use the following progressive approaches in the order shown, until the drain is restored to proper function: Auger, Snakes, Hydro Jetting, Camera & locate, Spot repair, Complete Replacement.


    Water jet cleaning is typically used to break up stubborn blockages or to remove debris such as grease that has become built up on the inside of the pipe. To resolve these problems, here at M.A.C. Plumbing our trained technicians use water that is pressurized by one of our portable hydro-jetting machines. This water flushes the debris from your system using our specially designed cleaning heads attached to flexible high-pressure hoses.

    The High Velocity Water Jet equipment can be operated at any pressure up to 3000 psi (pounds per square inch). This flexibility allows our technicians to select the appropriate pressure to get the job done properly.

    Hydro Jetting has been a lifesaver for many homeowners for unclogging septic header lines, helping to avoid harmful backups. No Matter how stubborn the clog or how long the debris has been building up, our hydro-jetting technician works quickly to get drains totally open and flowing using no harmful chemicals. Contact us today to arrange the best solution for your clogged drains.

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